Expect Better


There is a new vigor in the lottery technology community that is directly attributable to NLS.

But how do we prove that to industry leaders? Every established major lottery technology provider claims to be the “leading provider, uniquely qualified, and innovative” and for decades, moderate progress has been made in evolving lottery solutions.  So how is NLS any different, any better?

What distinguishes NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions is the culture of entrepreneurial spirit that is rooted in the expertise of experienced, knowledgeable lottery and technology professionals. Successful operations, marketing, communications, hardware, software, customer service, game design, solution specialists,  who know the strengths, and perhaps more importantly, the threats, to lottery have unlocked a long-desired, highly reciprocal, paradigm in the operator/solution provider relationship.


Our leadership style

Every single member of the NLS team is empowered and encouraged to lead in order to deliver optimal customer satisfaction. In the BAMM spirit of being the agents of change instead of being blindsided by change, NLS mirrors the operating style of Netflix, Google, Management 3.0 etc… that each simultaneously hold employees accountable for massive levels of responsibility in customer service while leading the world in next gen consumerism.

ICN_MethodologyOperating Methodology

AGILE Software Development process is a perfect match to the NLS company culture---iterative, customer-dictated, accountable, and evolutionary agile development practices have been successfully employed at NLS since 2008.  The formula is simple: Maximum customer input equals maximum customer satisfaction. 

ICN_TechSmartTechnology Smarts

NLS solutions are the products of our “Technology Visionaries”, a title very deliberately selected to offer evidence that we are committed to achieving a level of excellence in NLS solutions that far exceeds current expected, predictable points of progress.

Our company culture is different. Our customer interaction is different. Our vision for omnipresent lottery is different.

With NLS, different, is BETTER.  EXPECT MORE.