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the road to the holy grail

is paved with modern technology

El-id-2018-conference_015There is no doubt that lotteries must compete for the time and attention of players. Not only with the “usual suspects” such as other forms of real-money gaming, but there is also a growing amount of entertainment that must be considered. From videos of “once in a lifetime - who runs into this?” experiences to watching you-tubers playing video games – consumers eventually choose what they prefer to focus on and their attention becomes a valuable asset. This asset – attention – is the currency of the attention economy that we all do business in


During the presentation in Prague, the NLS Team made the case that adopting modern technology and investing in original content is crucial for the future success of the lottery industry. Software as a service, virtualization, cloud-based Omni-channel solutions and artificial intelligence may still seem distant, but their future applications will inevitably benefit our industry. Content designed with the modern player in mind is crucial to acquire new generations of players that are used to different types of entertainment, and lotteries should expect this of their vendors. As we recruit new players, we must not lose sight of our commitment to Responsible Gaming. NLS invests heavily in its content portfolio with the focus on e-Instant Win games and Responsible Gaming. The latest win with Norsk Tipping’s mini competition to supply new innovative e-Instant games targeted towards a younger audience is a great validation of our strategy.


As a long-term member of the lottery community, NLS understands the importance of sharing knowledge, know-how, inspiration and research results with the industry. Events such as the Industry Days are the perfect setting not only for lottery professionals to visualize the future of the lottery sector but also to benefit from the experience shared by recognized keynote speakers. Also, events like this create a great networking opportunity – in Prague NLS as the Premium Partner of EL together with other partners had the pleasure to host a gala dinner in the historical Žofin Palace, located on the banks of Vitava River. 

This event, as well as the event hosted by Sazka, the hosting lottery, on the Tuesday night, and the conference, overall were mesmerizing and we at NLS would like to extend our thanks to the European Lotteries, Sazka, the other premium partners and the semi-premium partner for a wonderful and informative few days in beautiful historic Prague.

We look forward to future industry events and hope to meet our friends and colleagues in Buenos Aires for the 2018 World Lotteries Summit where NLS will be present as a Platinum Contributor.