Reasons Why You Would NOT Want to Live in Austria

Stuff We Feel You Have a Right to Know

Oh, sure!  So you have heard that Austria is a country that just oozes culture and beauty? And you may also know that rumor has it that Austria's Alpine country side can be just a wee bit spectacular in majestic beauty.

But you've got to consider the flip side of life in Austria. Lucky for you, NLS has one of its main office centers in Vienna, Austria and so, we can enlighten you. Here's a few things you need to know:

  1. People are friendly! Imagine! As hard as it is to understand in this day and age, there is actually a generally accepted practice of exchanging a friendly greeting to, get this, anyone you may pass on the street, whether you know them or not! Bazaar!
  2. Austrians know how to make really good coffee.But, be warned! They use the wonderful coffee as a bait in a trap to lure citizens into the renown cafes, in the middle of the day, to eat pastries along with the scrumptious coffee! It's true, the whole country endorses the idea of allowing a break in the work day for coffee and pastries---how does anything get done?!
  3. There is all this beautiful architecture EVERYWHERE! How is anyone supposed to compete with the gardens and splendor of Hofburg, Schönbrunn, and Belvedere Castles? It makes for an endless list of weekend home improvement projects!
  4. Travel is so easy. Austria's central location at the heart of Europe makes travelling to neighbouring countries quick and easy. But, if you're popping off to Paris or Munich etc … every weekend, how are you ever going to get those home improvement projects done? Priorities people!
  5. There is always something entertaining going on. With a ton of cinemas, film festivals and events in front of the city hall (including evening concerts in the summer and ice skating in the winter), there is something to do all year round---always! When can you just claim a couch day and just do nothing!?
  6. Music, music, music! It's everywhere and a focal point of Vienna's culture just because a few guys made it big… Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Mahler and Schönberg, to name a few. Warning- if you are a struggling novice musician, you may experience feelings of inadequacy in Vienna---the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra , Vienna State Opera ensemble, Concentus Musicus Vienna, and MuseumsQuartier…just sayin'!
  7. There is so much green! In fact, Vienna is one of the world's greenest cities with major parks including Prater, Danube Island, the Danube Channel. And then of course there are all those Alp mountains with the skiing and the hiking…it's hard to claim there's no place to get in some exercise as an excuse for those extra five pounds. 
  8. In 2012, Vienna was ranked first in the international Mercer Study of cities with the highest standard of living for the fourth year running. Vienna's well-developed healthcare system, numerous recreational areas, and cultural diversity in particular contributed to Vienna's top spot.  Downside? You will never want to leave!!!