All for peace


There are moments in Athens when it seems that you and the space around you have somehow been transported from earth, across the cosmos, to some secret spot of perfection in the far corner of the universe. When the moon is full in Athens and shining through the pillars of the Parthenon, the shadows seem alive, mimicking the movements of those brilliant-minded philosophers who walked in those very locations.

 That, is the magic of Athens.

It is a magic that literally comes from the soil up through the relics of the ancient Greek civilization. It is a magic that is very much alive and permeates the fabric of the Greek culture, as much today as in the time of Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. There is an energy in Athens that is infectious, motivating, and creative; that overcomes adversity and looks to prove the power to lead is alive and well in Greece. That is the energy, and the magic that Novomatic Lottery Solutions will capitalize on and leverage to fuel a change of orbit in the universe of lottery gaming.

Following a spectacular expansion and growth in the global lottery market, which led to a significant increase of new customers in Europe and Africa, NLS has made a strategic decision to invest in Greece and establish a Technology and Business Development center in Athens, aspiring to employ a team of dedicated personnel who will manage NLS operational and business needs around the globe.


Once again, such a small country will have such a huge impact in modern civilization as NLS Hellas continues to move the exciting and dynamic world of lottery gaming out of its old, dated orbit and into the digital world beyond today.

With highly qualified and skilled human resources, an advanced education system, excellent business and technical universities, a solid infrastructure and stable socioeconomic environment, in combination with 340 days of sunshine, beautiful blue water beaches, and an exciting lifestyle, Greece offers an ideal environment for growing a company and for cultivating a career.

It is truly an exciting time to be part of the increasing success of NLS. The unique integrity of the Company is reflected in its stated core values: Excellence, Passion, Honesty, & BAMM!  Excellence in every endeavor; Passion to move an industry forward; Honesty in every internal and external relationship;  and BAMM!...the energy and excitement to expertly leap toward change. NLS is not your typical technology company. As Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work,”  which exactly describes the environment in the five existing NLS offices in Iceland, Austria, Denmark, Spain and Serbia. The match of corporate and civic culture for the NLS Hellenic office is ideally suited to perpetuate the NLS employee experience of pleasure to perfection from the Hellenic team.

Come join the assent to the universe beyond and experience the rewarding satisfaction of job pleasure leading to professional perfection.