Iceland Strong, Future Ready!

Would you like to join us in changing the world?

Would you like to join us in changing the world?

“What segment of the world, exactly?” you ask.

The exhilarating technology segment of gaming, lottery gaming specifically.

Honestly. The work is underway and the commitment is real and thriving here in Iceland at NLS in Kópavogur, where leading software engineers, architects, and an entire team of expert professionals share a passion to change an industry.  

The acquisition of Betware, by NOVOMATIC AG, NLS's parent company, is one of the largest foreign investments in Iceland since 2008 and underlines the growth of the Icelandic creative industries and IT. NOVOMATIC, which operates over 1,400 gaming facilities worldwide, is building a strong presence in Iceland and in the lottery industry. The combination of the company's future-ready mentality, industry knowledge, and pool of experts has created a unique and vibrant workplace culture that is already bringing new choices to lottery operators. 

This team thrives on challenge and embraces a creative process that propels each contributor to engage in a unique, collaborative method of innovation that fosters personal and professional growth, as well as industry revolution. With additional major regional offices in Austria, Serbia, and Spain, Iceland NLS employees enjoy an international alliance that broadens the pool of skilled resources and diversifies the work experience. 

Exciting energy

There is an exciting energy in the offices of the NLS Iceland team. It's the kind of vitality that thrives amongst people who are committed to making a difference in the world. Conveying the essence of the unique blend of industry innovator (NLS) with the stability and benefits of an established, accomplished industry leader (NOVOMATIC AG/Betware) might simply be done by viewing the outside of the NLS offices in Kópavogur. On the exterior of each of the three main floors of the central staircase are the words “Expect Better”. 

The people who comprise NLS can expect better from their company, our operator customers can expect better in our solutions, and the lottery industry we serve can expect better longevity and allegiance from a player base rejuvenated by NLS's future technologies.  So, will you join us to bring the magic of Iceland to the mission of NLS and change the (lottery) world?