Land of Confluence---of countryside, culture and CHANGE

The protective Sava river of central Europe is an ecological lifeline, saving lives and properties by means of its oxbows, meanders and floodplain forests that make for an exceptional natural flood prevention system in Europe.

Traveling 1,777 miles, the magnificent Danube river connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Black Sea making the river one of Europe's most important shipping routes, capable of accommodating even the largest of shipping vessels.

In all the world, there is only one point of convergence of these two mighty natural forces, and that point is: Belgrade, Serbia. 

Ironically, Belgrade could be deemed the convergence capital of Europe, not just because it is the connecting point for the powerful Sava and Danube rivers, but it is also the capital of Serbia, a country steeped in a history of convergence of ethnicity, religion, culture and ancestry. 

The complexity and intrigue of Serbia's past unfolds before the eyes as a walk through the city's streets shows socialist blocks between art nouveau masterpieces and remnants of the Habsburg legacy contrasting directly with Ottoman relics. And nestled amongst the wonders of the capital city is a team of lottery professionals who are activating yet another form of convergence.

A convergence of talent and teamwork that is changing an industry!

Who is this team of skilled professionals? Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) Serbia. A group of inventive, passionate mavens whose work is changing the standards of the lottery industry by applying highly advanced problem solving strategies to the development of new solutions that are amazing the company's customers. 

Teams in Serbia work on both products and delivery& services for all NLS customers around the world. Just like Belgrade itself, the team is a composite of attributes: a blend of experts that share a passion to make the NLS message to customers a reality: Expect Better. Expect More. 

The resilience, zest for life, and strength of character of the people of the region has permeated the culture of NLS Serbia as the group collaboratively succeeds in making continuous improvements, every day. As one team member puts it: “We never give up, we value teamwork, commitment, honesty, and passion and with that, we are bringing the NLS family to the number one position in the industry.”

Belgrade, Serbia, NLS, and NLS Serbia- a confluence of mighty forces, an exciting place to be.