Definitely not pain

NLS Team

In Spain, life is savored, with time taken to enjoy simple pleasures. People stroll the streets in the late evenings, chat at charming outdoor cafés, enjoy the seemingly never-ending fiestas, cultural events, and sunshine, and live a life-style that rejuvenates the soul.

Passion - for family, for food, for soccer, for celebration, for life---touches everyone in Spain. There is a positive attitude within community that fosters conversation, gregarious laughter, and a belief that anything is possible. Through the energy of passion and positive attitude, innovation is skyrocketing in Spain. The country is determined to deepen and intensify its productive specialization in industries that depend on technology and innovation.In fact, Spain is fast becoming an innovation leader, generating advanced solutions in the industries of aerospace, renewable energies, water treatment, rail, biotechnology, industrial machinery and civil engineering, and to that list we can now add…trend-setting lottery technology solutions! 

NLS established a regional hub in Barcelona, Spain in 2014 and most recently successfully managed a major new solution implementation for the Loteria de Catalunya from NLS Barcelona office. Key to the success of that extensive project was the group of diverse, driven, and distinguished professionals who make up the NLS Barcelona Team. This team embodies the very essence of both the entrepreneurial energy of NLS and the passion, positive attitude, and innovative spirit of their Spanish-based community. They will even tell you they find a bit of sunshine in each other! In fact, who better to describe the magic of NLS Barcelona than the team members themselves. Here's a few of their thoughts:

Team NLS Barcelona- in their own words


We have a tremendously diverse group in the Barcelona office. Yes, we have team members from Spain and Catalonia specifically, but we also have members from France, Germany, Peru, Iceland, Poland and Argentina. We truly value diversity as we learn from our colleagues from around the world, every day.

We are open-minded, kind, curious, fun and funny and like to learn new things. We are also very practical and focused on efficiency. The NLS Team A, a team of managers and our SAFe master, are based in the Barcelona office. These folks track compliance for adherence to Scaled Agile processes and procedures for the entire company. All of the NLS Program Managers are also based in Spain and nobody knows NLS clients better than they do! If you are a part of service team in Spain, you will be surrounded by people from whom you can learn a great deal. They will guide you and provide with any and all of the information that you may need.

We are also particularly fortunate to share our building with Loteria de Catalunya Operations (operators, marketing, commercials, call center) so we are able to share the action of day-to-day Lottery operations. Implementing the solution for Loteria de Catalunya was the biggest project for NLS to date. Success was achieved by creating an aligned, result-oriented and easy going team in a very short time (less than a year). A team that can make time for a quick basketball game at lunch or a group gathering on the terrace for a meal and still deliver complete customer satisfaction!

What a team to join!!

-Park Güell,
Biking to work on the Ramblas