Lottery Solutions

The opportunities are endless. NLS's approach enables innovation with unequaled time-to-market performance while providing an Omni-Channel experience for players allowing them to play anytime, through any channel.

The integrated platform connects to any terminal, any web client on any device.
At the core of our solution is a modern, open, secure and flexible transaction engine that can run at almost 1.5 million transactions per minute. 

Be limited by imagination - not technology

Expect Better


The Retail solutions are built with modern technology and are hardware and platform agnostic. This increases security and reduces time to market while at the same time allowing lotteries to choose the most suitable solutions for their retail environments.


The interactive solutions are built using the principles of Responsive Web Design. This means a single solution that dynamically adapts to the player‘s device providing a seamless experience for players across channels.  Apps? Yes, we have those too.

Omni Channel Solution

Open Lottery Platform

Key benefits

  • Fully featured Player Account
    Know your player, even in retail
  • Integration friendly
    Proven to integrate easily with 3rd party content
  • Responsible Gaming
    Helps players stay within their limits

The NLS' Lottery Platform is a flexible and open platform. It is the centrepiece that ties together all the components necessary to create an appealing and entertaining gaming experience for lottery players.

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Games are the cornerstones of the lottery industry and a proven driver of players' acquisition. NLS offers a wide range of lottery games and over 1600 integrated games from 3rd party content providers.

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Third Party Solutions

We are integration experts with a long history of integrating third party content and solutions for lotteries. We've been integrating with 3rd party solutions since 1996 when we launched the world's first Internet solution for a state lottery. Over 1600 third party games have been integrated with our solution to date.

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