NLS offers a host of core lottery game content. All our games are built on top of our transaction engine as an Omni-Channel experience and are specifically built to easily adapt to any existing game, visual style and game option. In addition to our own games over 1600 third party games have been integrated with our solution to date... and we are always happy to add more!


LottoLotto games are the cornerstones of the lottery industry and a proven driver of player acquisition. NLS' Lotto solution can be easily configured to support any matrix, game option and extra game mix. What else would you expect?


NLS' eInstants solution is flexible and easy to work with. It's built to leverage existing brands from retail and react to "what's going on". Remember that blue-black/gold-white dress uproar? Leveraging the buzz into an eInstant would have been easy. For the record: #blackandblue.


Our Raffle solution is specifically tailored towards leveraging social media. What's the newest must have item everyone is tweeting about? Adding a Raffle for that is quick and easy and with a bit of luck it'll go viral too!


Through it's partnership with Pollard Banknote - the leading expert in instant tickets - NLS can offer a full range of instant scratch tickets and related products.


KenoNLS' offers both Quick Keno and  "Daily" Keno . Our Keno solution offers all the features a seasoned Keno player would expect as well as some great new twists.

Probability games - "find the prize"

NLS offers a range of probability games built on its “Find the Prize” game concept. Through the choices they make players make their own luck. A bit like "real life" really. Every ticket has a prize too! That part is not like in "real life".

sport pools

SportbettingNLS Sport Pools is a category of pool based games where the bets are all accumulated into one pool from which all prizes are taken according to a prize table configured by the lottery.  This gaming solution is highly configurable in terms of number of games, prize categories, payout levels and more.