best customer experience?

Omni-channel is not the future, it is a standard - providing the best customer experience to the player and the operator. In an Omni-Channel system, the retail and interactive channels share the same central system and provide the player with a seamless gaming experience. For the lottery the Omni-Channel streamlines the operation of multiple channels into a single cohesive flow, simplifying operations and reducing time-to-market.


The "Bring Your Own Terminal" concept is simple to explain: NLS doesn't dictate what hardware should be used. The lottery can simply choose its preferred terminal. NLS' retail solution is a fully featured, hardware and platform independent solution that is built with modern technology. Our thin client plugs on top of any hardware with no or minimal programming effort required.

  • less risk - low cost

    The lottery can leverage existing investment in terminals while at the same time moving the business forward with a modern retail solution.
  • Secure, fast & easy

    Increased security, faster time to market and easier integration of 3rd parties are examples of the benefits of a solution built with modern technology.
  • flexibility is the key to success

    The NLS Retail solution was built from the ground up to be hardware and platform independent. NLS' heritage in providing multi-sourcing solutions to lotteries extends to retail. In retail, like in the interactive channel, NLS does not lock lotteries into a single vendor solution. Our thin client is fully reusable between different platforms and hardware. The client connects to any hardware through a hardware abstraction layer and has lower hardware requirements than a thick client approach.

Retail Channel

For the retail channel, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions' offer relies on commercial hardware. This means the lottery can pick the hardware most suited for its retail environment and is not limited to only picking hardware provided by NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions. Existing investment in terminals can therefore be leveraged while the whole retail sales network is modernized. 

The retail channel includes

  • Portable, hardware independent terminal software allowing a single solution to run on any hardware.
  • A system that allows lotteries to modify the retail interface without a long development and deployment process.
  • Support for a customer display that shows information relevant to the player such as purchases, prices and advertisement.
  • Support for third party games allows lotteries to offer content made by 3rd parties in retail. 
  • A robust messaging system allowing lotteries to communicate directly with retailers and players.
  • A logistic system for physical instant tickets and consumables that makes it easy to keep everything in stock.
  • A robust retail management system makes it easy to manage any size of network.
  • A modern workflow solution that allows the lottery to easily maintain and support retailers.
  • Native support for the Omni-Channel bringing a known player experience to the retail channel.

Interactive Channel

NLS has been delivering interactive solutions since 1996.  Our solutions are purpose built to allow new innovation to go to market fast and to allow players to access the lottery whenever and wherever they choose.

  • Responsive web design

    Provides channel continuity by adapting a single solution to whatever device the player is using.

  • Fast time to market

    Modern technology and architecture reduces time to market for new games and innovations.

  • Easily modified

    Using standard internet technologies together with a CMS makes it easy to make modifications.

  • App enabled

    The interactive solution is also available as an App experience for smartphones and tablets.