Open Lottery Platform

NLS' Lottery Platform is the centerpiece that ties together all the components necessary to create an appealing and entertaining gaming experience. It provides access to a fully featured Player Account as well as other core gaming services that together create a complete gaming solution for all channels, including retail. The Lottery Platform's openness and flexibility are well known in the industry and offer lotteries the ability to quickly adapt to change and stay ahead of the competition. 

Benefits of the Open Lottery Platform


  • Freedom to choose any game or content
  • Seamless integration with 3rd parties
  • Tried and tested solution first launched in 1996 
  • Built in Business Intelligence 
  • Fast time to market for new content
  • Proven track record in highly regulated jurisdictions  

Player Account

The Player Account is the heart of the known player experience. Having a single Player Account that handles all content, regardless of its provider, creates a seamless experience for players. 


Key features of the Player Account:

  • Stores the player profiles and handles new registrations
  • eWallet allows players to play, make deposits and withdrawals
  • Widgets allow players to manage their own accounts
  • Responsible gaming controls help players play within their limits

Single eWallet

All player transactions, transfers and funds are stored in the Single eWallet. The Single eWallet solution is a modern, secure wallet solution for lotteries with support for multiple payment and fund withdrawing methods as well as highly secure money laundering and fraud protection systems.

Business Intelligence

Monitoring players' activities is essential to understanding their needs and behaviour. NLS' Lottery Platform offers lotteries the opportunity to leverage a large amount of data for business intelligence and marketing purposes. Make decision based on facts not feelings.

Promotions, Bonuses

The success of all marketing campaigns depends not only on a good strategy but also on the tools used to implement them. NLS' Open Lottery Platform offers a full suite of promotion, bonus and loyalty features aimed at increasing revenue and player satisfaction.