As an active member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and European Lotteries (EL), the NLS solutions adhere to the highest standards of responsible gaming in accordance with the guidelines of these organizations. NLS Responsible Gaming Control (RGC) incorporates a comprehensive set of limits and limitations, both from the operator and player perspective, to further uphold NLS' commitment to responsible gaming.


Fully compatible with WLA
and EL standards for responsible gaming


Player-defined limits for even more safety


Easily modifiable universal limits defined by the lottery


Robust self-exclusion options for optimal player protection 


Gaming-LimitsNLS RGC provides a full suite of responsible gaming features, including monitoring and limiting parameters for operators and players. These parameters comply with the most stringent conditions, guidelines and responsible gaming standards set by WLA and EL. The solution provides two types of responsible gaming limits. One is the lottery-defined limit, the other is the player-defined personal limit.

The lottery is able to set global and group limits using criteria such as spending, wallet deposit, monetary loss, prize payout and balance. The lottery also has the option to set limits for specific games or all games. These limits affect all player accounts and user profiles. Players who exceed those limits are unable to proceed with their actions depending on the set limit criteria. 

Players can also set limits on a personal basis. Player-defined limits, among others, can be deposits, spending and loss, (daily, weekly or monthly). These limits can never be higher than the lottery-defined limits. 

Players can view and modify their limits and can also view the status of their gaming against their set limits in real time. Player-defined limits are controlled in the player account with a clear and intuitive user interface. Scheduling of limit changes can be configured in different ways. For instance, the system can be configured to make it possible to lower limits immediately while increases may take 48 hours to be effective. This is fully configurable in the system. All limit types can be controlled in a device of the player's choice as they are all built using responsive web design principles.


Timelimit_enjoyNLS RGC includes essential tools to supervise all player gaming activity and time/session management. The system incorporates a “real-time timer” on every gaming session so the lottery can impose session time limits. Moreover, players have a full overview of their last session where they can view time spent, amount of money played and won as well as all wallet deposits and withdrawals. Session limits can be established according to different factors (i.e. session time or gaming time) and can be set by both the player and lottery. A log-out warning will be displayed to the player a few minutes before the limit is reached. Time settings for warning the player are fully customizable. Once the time limit is reached, the player is notified accordingly and the session is terminated.


Among the responsible gaming features in NLS RGC is the players' option of excluding themselves for specific periods of time (cool-off period) from gaming, even permanently. Only the operator has the power to reinstate (via the Back Office) a player who excludes himself permanently. Once a player excludes himself from play, he cannot access his account during this period. Finally, NLS RGC fully supports automatic log-off due to inactivity. In cases where the player is logged in the system but is inactive for a specific period of time, the system automatically disconnects the player. Inactivity period values cannot be changed by the player.